The Pinnacle Private Advisors Team


Alternative Investments

Mickey Welcher focuses on identifying and evaluating alternative investment opportunities to meet the sophisticated needs of high-net-worth clients with Pinnacle Private Advisors. His diverse experience across various financial sectors gives him a keen insight into the multiple variables that can impact investment performance.

Starting on Wall Street as a hedge fund trader, Mickey developed a solid foundation in market dynamics and investment strategies. His ability to navigate the complex market landscape was further refined during his time with Morgan Stanley, where he expanded his skills by working closely with select affluent investors and their personalized portfolio development.

In 2017, Mickey transitioned into the investment banking sector, working with startups and early-stage companies to facilitate their growth objectives through capital raising. This experience not only deepened his understanding of the financial markets but also provided him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities within the world of entrepreneurship.

At Pinnacle Private Advisors, Mickey’s broad background is a distinct advantage. He brings a comprehensive approach to understanding the various components that can influence an investment’s success. His ability to integrate this multifaceted knowledge allows him to advise clients on a wide range of investment options, helping them to achieve a diversified and curated portfolio.

Mickey lives in San Diego and is a proud father of two boys, Jake and Brennan. They love spending time with their Chow Chow Tucker, and watching the Padres, and Phoenix Suns. When not working and spending time with his family, you’ll find Mickey traveling and enjoying live music.